Friday, August 19, 2011

Return Culture Shock

Slowly adjusting to life back in Europe after two years in the remote Northwest of China. Here is a short list of surprises:

- Being able to cross the street safely as a pedestrian, cars even stop when it is red for the pedestrian and green for them and they think you may be interested in crossing the road
- Suddenly in a restaurant only the dishes' number has to be used instead of their name
- Now being able to read the signs on the road or in a menu
- Having to readjust to using forks and knifes, even in Chinese restaurant
- The chefs of Chinese Restaurant seem never to have been in Asia in their life
- All prices have been multiplied by a huge factor
- Having to walk for hours to find a decent karaoke
- The only known brand are in Chinese-owned import supermarkets
- Celebrating Mid-Autumn, Mid-Winter, Dragon Festival instead of the local traditions
- Being able to hold a conversation with almost everybody around
- Missing tea-making facilities when staying at a hotel