Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today, I had the chance to visit the large city of Guangzhou, also known as Flower City, which is China's second or third largest. As the saying goes, there people eat everything that has four legs except chairs, everything that swims except submarines and everything that flies except planes. Indeed, in a sidestreet close to the main mosque, there were many food shops selling things unusual to Europeans, like alligators, snakes or scorpions for cooking. The place where I had lunch did not have a menu translated into English, so I used the picture menu instead and ended up choosing something that reminded me of a fish dish I ate in a Chinese restaurant in Sharjah a few years ago, but to my surprise it was meat. And my friends back in Zhuhai could not tell me what it was as the name of the food was composed of a flower and the name of the street. Later I visited Samyan Island, which is home to many embassies and shows architectural features between European and Chinese. There were even Tibetan prayer flags on a church.
The area close to the bus station is full of shops for clothes, and is worth visiting, hunting for bargains.

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