Monday, August 17, 2009

Slovenia in August

Just came back from a week-end in Slovenia. The Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, is a lovely city. Slovenia is still out of the beaten track for many tourists and the size of the city makes it easy to see most attractions walking. The country managed to get out of Yougoslavia early and was spared the war suffered by other republics, this combines by massive investments from neighbouring Austria enabled its rapid development. A castle dominates the city. On Saturday evening, I enjoyed a delicious Serbian menu at the Gostilnica Rio Momo on Slovenska Cesta. On Sunday, I visited Kopper on the Adriatic coast. The town is close to Italy and has a mix of Italian and Slavic flair. Pizzas were therefore delicious. The trip by train went through mountains and it was delightfull. Pictures of the trip have been added to Facebook and Multiply:

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