Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IFA Berlin

The international trade fair for consumer eletronics opened its doors to the public from August 31st to September 5th. The first section I visited was dedicated to computers, with the latest innovations from the major manufacturers on display, in addition to vendors of accessories of various kinds. Acer had a large cybercafé where young people were playing games. Panasonics, Sony and Cannon showed the width of their offering of digital cameras. For household items, Miele had organised a great show promoting washing machines with its latest innovations for saving water, energy and detergent. Some companies displayed robots able to clean windows or perform other household chores. A large part was dedicated to Chinese companies for partners for joint ventures, often supplier of the main Western companies. Most evenings some artists were performing at the fair, on Sunday it would have been the famous German band Ich & Ich with can be translated and I and I. My only regret was to have taken the afternoon ticket, thus I missed 4 hours which could have been used for mmore in-depth conversations with the exhibitors. The fair was located close to the international bus station and I could catch the night-bus back to Brussels directly after the fair.

To know more about the fair, you can visit its homepage:
IFA Berlin

Looking forward to coming there again next year.

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