Friday, July 13, 2007

Copán, Honduras

Leaving Tikal in the early morning I reached the border to Honduras on Thursday in the late evening and entered the coluntry one hour before sunrise. The border crossing went really smoothly. When visiting only the Copan ruins on a trip from Guatemala, a separate piece of paper is used for the stamps, allowing the visitor only a brief view of the country.

In Copan Ruinas, I enjoyed great local food at the Llama del Bosque restaurant.

The ruins of Copán are very great, the buildings are not as tall as in Tikal, on the other hand, the carvings and sculptures are more refined. The story of Copan shows the effects on the environment of mismanaged natural resources, as the city grew, the weather patterns changed, trees were cut, and this precipitated the fall of the city.

And Friday it was time to come back to return to Guatemala, as the flight to Europe will leave on Saturday afternoon. My last night in the country will be in the town of Zacapa, three hours by bus away from the capital. This is a place removed from the tourist crowds, a good place to relax. And the climate is the hottest I had to endure on my trip, some friends there told me that it was in fact the cold season and the real heat was a few months ago.

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