Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lago de Atitlan

After a first week of volunteering work in Guatemala City, I went out of the city for the week-end. Staying in a nice town, Panajachel, in an hotel with view over the lake and its surrounding volcanoes. I discovered Uruguayan cuisine, at the Guajuimbo's restaurant, the food was wonderful. On Sunday, we visited the market of Chichicastenango on our way back to the city. Short before arrival, we saw a volcano erupting. Traffic jams were crazy on the road, we thought that the way back to the city wuld be smooth, but there were works on the road and the traffic was very slow near Tecpan, and then later, the usual traffic jams f the city as people came back from their week-end.

My assignment is twofold. Three days a week I server in a soup kitchen, preparing and serving food to the homeless. The other two days, I am translating videos from Spanish to English. These videos are dealing with the effects of the war on Guatemala and the rights of indigenous people.

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