Monday, June 2, 2008

ILA Berlin 2008

Another week-end with great networking opportunities took place in Berlin this end of May. The German airshow "ILA" was organised with guest country India. Besides the larger A380 and a lot of business jets, there were also oldtimers on display, and of course Indian helicopters. The main European aerospace companies were present. I had the pleasure of meeting again people from Euroavia, an association of aerospace engineering students to which I belonged during my studies in Toulouse. In addition I also met former and current colleagues. For entertainment an orchestra of the Indian army was playing some music with typical Indian tones, unfortunately they were often forced to stop playing due to the noise of the flying aircrafts. It was my fourth participation since 1996 and I still enjoyed it very much.

On Saturday, I took the chance to visit the city of Potsdam and its various palaces before attending the Mamma Mia musical, where hits from the Swedish band Abba were used to tell an exciting story, all were sung in German.

On the way back, the train was delayed and the journey back home ended by taxi, as the German train company had no more connecting trains they had to ensure our arrival back home and therefore paid for this taxi. In all I entered the Swiss territory three times in that night, in order to be back in the remote area of Germany where I am living.

Pictures of this trip, including shots from the ILA, Potsdam and Berlin have been added on Facebook:

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