Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend in Acuto

Back from a highly inspirational week-end in Acuto near Rome in Italy. The Enterprise of the Future Weekend organised by the European Bahai Business Forum under the title “You can act now for the world of tomorrow” gave the opportunity to business people from twelve European nations to expand their horizon on the application of values at the workplace. On Friday evening, after some introductions of the participants we had a World Café were we could exchange ideas about applying the EBBF values at the workplace. On Saturday Rüdiger Fox from Germany gave a presentation about the “Just Do It” attitude, his way of changing the values in companies and managing successful turnarounds. In the afternoon, Arthur L. Dahl presented an EU-project where EBBF is one of the partner, aimed at measuring the intangibles in companies. In the late afternoon we had some free time to enjoy a walk in the medieval village of Acuto in order to free our minds. In the evening some of the participants were invited to be in front and answer questions from the audience about ways of applying values at work. This weekend has been a great chance to network with like-minded individuals and deepen our understanding of some motivation factors and ways of making workplaces more enjoyable for all. It was good to be reconnected with the vision of past years in order to get back to work on Monday with a refreshed mind and new ideas.

Looking forward to come back next year, maybe taking more time to visit the city of Rome.

You can learn more about the week-end by following the link below:

The complete list of events organised by EBBF all over Europe can be found below:

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